Why is good photography important?

Good photography is all about appeal. Whether you’re selling gorgeous cakes, beautiful balloons or anything else, the first thing your customers will look at is your imagery, so if it’s not appealing, they might not even hang about to read more.

You have nothing to fear though, we’re going to teach you how to photograph your best work to keep those customers coming back for more.


You don’t need to be spending a fortune on professional standard equipment to take great photos. All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera, some good natural lighting and an eye for framing your photo.

Any equipment can come later.

Framing your shot

When you’re framing your shot you have a few options, but the one you choose will depend on where and how the photo is going to be used.

Setting the Scene

When you’re creating a great photo, setting the scene is really key. This could mean a number of things.

  • Finding the perfect location to take your photo
  • Removing any clutter or mess that will be in your shot
  • Add things like props or plain backdrops to get the tone of your photo just right
Photograph Your Best Work

Down the middle

One of the easiest ways to frame your product is to centre it. This could work for a whole host of things but we’re going to look at cakes as an example.

You could choose to take the photo from the side, from above or from an angle (whichever best shows off your talents), but keep in mind your background, the size of your product in the photo and where you might need to crop it for different platforms.

Pro Composition

photograph your best work

If you’re feeling more artistic, you might want to look at a photo composition theory called the ‘rule of thirds’. For this, you use a gridded approach to photography. Where this theory is applied, you use a grid of 3×3 ‘squares’ and line your subject up on the grid lines to emphasise a focal point of the photo.

What this allows you to do is use your focal point to show off your product and the rest of your shot will either act as dressing to make your product look even better or you can use what’s called negative space (the empty spaces between objects) to really draw attention to the finer details of your product.

Luckily, many smartphones already have grids on their cameras to help you use this theory for great photos, so next time you’re going for an artistic shot, you can line up your subject perfectly.

Using natural (or fake) lighting

One of the key differences between an average photo and a great one is the lighting.

If you can create your setting in front of a big window on a sunny day, that’s absolutely perfect for getting a good shot.

If you don’t have that option, you can fake it. Photography lights are pretty cheap to buy, but many household lamps or lighting will hold their own if needed – you will notice a huge difference when you consciously light your shot.

A white light will often be better than yellow light as it makes images look crisp, but any light is better than none – just keep an eye out for reflections!

Try not to overexpose (adding so much light that you can’t properly make out the subject). Editing is always an option and it’s much better for maintaining quality to lighten a photo than to darken it.

Editing your photos to look natural

If it’s not going the way you want, you can always fall back on editing, but be careful, there’s a fine line between natural and unnatural editing.

If you’re editing your photos on your smartphone, there are some settings that are brilliant.

If you’re not too familiar with photo editing, on a standard iPhone, we’d recommend looking at:

  • Exposure
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Saturation
  • Contrast (don’t change this too much!)
  • Warmth (or this!)
  • Sharpness

Playing around with these settings in small increments should give you a crisp and more professional looking image (and if it goes wrong you can always try again).

Time to have a go for yourself

It’s time to use these tips to have a go at photographing your product.

If you need inspiration, have a browse through the images of some other companies and get some ideas for how you can use these tips to create your own stunning photos.


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